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Irrigation facility

Bhavnagar district is situated in agro climatic zone No.6 Average rainfall is 20 inch, Saurashtra faced famines for 47 years out of 100 years. Hundreds of villages had to face acute shortage of water during famine. Various water harvesting structures viz. form ponds, pucca check-dams, boribandhs, have been constructed, which have prevented run-of water and has been stored underground. Consequently water tables have increased,. Which has directly or indirectly benefited agriculture. We know that agriculture sector use maximum water.
There are 5,56,000 hectares of land under agriculture in Bhavnagar district, of which (3)hectares of area have been covered under irrigation. The lands are irrigated by major irrigation schemes, minor irrigation schemes, cannals check-dams, bandharas, wells, bore wells etc. in Bhavnagar District.

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